07th Jan 2017
Thatcham Town1 - 3Tilehurst Panthers Stripes

Goalscorers: unknown
Player Of The Match: unknown
10th Dec 2016
Marlow Girls & Ladies1 - 1Tilehurst Panthers Stripes

Goalscorers: unknown
Player Of The Match: unknown
03rd Dec 2016
AFC Reading0 - 11Tilehurst Panthers Stripes

Goalscorers: unknown
Player Of The Match: unknown
26th Nov 2016
Tilehurst Panthers Stripes6 - 0Caversham AFC

Good win for the u12s stripes today. Got them though to the next part of the cup games.
Good to see 6 different goal scorers.
Girl of the match went to Daisie for her great performance.

Goalscorers: Abi, Daisie, Ella, Ella-jay, Jodi & Zoe
Player Of The Match: Daisie
19th Nov 2016
Tilehurst Panthers Stripes15 - 0AFC Reading

Big old score for the u12s today. All played great. Well done girls.

Goalscorers: Beth, Daisie, Ella-Jay(2), Ella(3), Jodi(4) & Zoe(4)
Player Of The Match: Abi
12th Nov 2016
Caversham AFC1 - 3Tilehurst Panthers Stripes

Another great game from the u12s stripes. Brilliant team effort.
We started game and off we went. We put Caversham under a lot off pressure from the go. The ball ended up falling for Jodi and she put it away. 1-0. Caversham started with there kickoff and off we went again. With a lot of the ball being in there half they seemed to cope well. The girls still playing great football and still pressing up the field they found Abi and she just squeezed in between the goalie and post. Half time and the rain still not giving up. Caversham start the half and came pressuring us and we keeped our formation and didn't let them though. We then won a corner. Lucy taking the corners tried whipping the ball to the front post and under one of Caversham players it went in. 3-0. Caversham started from kick of and still pressuring us and one off there players taking a chance ended beating the goalie. And that was it 3-1. All the girls played excellent.

Goalscorers: Jodi, abi, lucy
Player Of The Match: Jodi
05th Nov 2016
Tilehurst Panthers Stripes4 - 2AFC Aldermaston

Another cracking game from the under 12s stripes today from going down 2-0 to coming back and winning it 4-2.

Excellent performance from the girls today. Bit of a slow start after trying a new formation out. (My fault). Half time we was losing 2-1. we started the second half in our original formation and came back fighting. Not conceding a goal in the second half.
Goal scorers were
Zoe x2
And Olivia first goal for Tilehurst.
Girl of the match was Lara. For her great performance.

Goalscorers: Zoe(2), Abi & Olivia
Player Of The Match: Lara lagden
15th Oct 2016
Wokingham & Emmbrook1 - 2Tilehurst Panthers Stripes

Well done to under 12s stripes today. They played a really good Woking and emmbroke team.
They all play there socks off. It was a really tough game. But the girls dealt with it. Coming from behind isn't the easiest thing to do but the girls done it and done it brilliantly. It was a big win for us that keeps us top with 3 points and a game in hand.
Man of the match was Olivia.
Well done.

Goalscorers: Zoe(2)
Player Of The Match: Olivia
08th Oct 2016
Tilehurst Panthers Stripes6 - 0Laurel Park

Goalscorers: unknown
Player Of The Match:
01st Oct 2016
Wargrave Girls Lions1 - 4Tilehurst Panthers Stripes

Going in to this game meant a lot. We needed the win. It was a slow start but we got the long waiting goal. Wargrave then pulled 1 goal back. 1-1 half time.
We had a big team talk went into the second half fighting. All of a sudden we broke free and went 2-1 up. We weren't finished there and pushed on to win the game 4-1. A massive win for the girls, against a hard team.
Girl of the match went to Abi for all her hard work.
Well done again girls!

Goalscorers: Daisie(2), Lara & Jodi
Player Of The Match: Abi
17th Sep 2016
Tilehurst Panthers Stripes8 - 0Thatcham Town

An outstanding performance from the girls today winning 8-0 against a good Thatcham team with goals form
Daisie(hat-trick), Ella(2), Lucy, Jodi and Katie with her first Tilehurst panthers goal.
Well done girls.

Goalscorers: Daisie(3), Ella(2), Lucy, Jodi & Katie
Player Of The Match:
10th Sep 2016
Tilehurst Panthers Stripes7 - 0Marlow Girls & Ladies

Goalscorers: unknown
Player Of The Match: